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The ONE who wants to delay the ageing process

Belinda recently celebrated a milestone birthday. You don't need to remind Belinda how beneficial a regular health and fitness routine is. She's been attending the gym regularly for many years now. Belinda can really appreciate the positive effects from her regular visits to One.

Belinda's typical routine includes:

2 - 3 visits every week

Belinda always aims for 3, but hey, she's only human, and some weeks are busier than others.

Ladies Only Area

It's a smaller more intimate training area exclusively designed for women. The area includes a full range of treadmills, bikes and cross trainers - ideal to help Belinda keep her weight under control. The circuit area is a great way for Belinda to keep her tummy, hips, thighs and arms firm and toned.

Cycle Studio

45 minutes of pure adrenalin! An instructor led class on your own stationery bike that is fantastic fat loss and toning. All of our Cycle Studios feature a unique and fun theme.

Yoga & Pilates

Press pause and take a deep breath! There's a range of classes to suit all levels. A haven for flexibility, stamina, concentration and clarity of mind.

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The ONE who wants to delay the ageing process
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