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Build Your Own Membership

At One Health & Fitness, We understand the challanges of people's busy lifestyles. Making time for your health & fitness can sometimes be a challange. That's why we have introduced build Your Own Membership.

 Build your own Membership puts you in control.

Step 1 : Select your preferred minimum term.

Step 2 : Select the best membership option that suits your needs

Step 3 : Choose a "bolt on" if you wish

Step 4 : Complete your details

Step 5 : Submit & Pay your initial Start Up costs to secure your membership

Someone from the One health & Fitness team will contact you to arrange a time for you to come in and complete the rest of our paperwork and collect your membership tag.

Step 1 -Choose your Preferred Term

Step 2 - Choose Your Membership Package

Step 3 - Choose Your Bolt On

Our exclusive BOLT ON options allow you to customize your membership to suit your needs. Best of all, you can add, delete or change your bolt on options as your needs change(maximum of one change per month)

Personal Training Starter Pack

Enjoy 3 x 30 minute Personal Training sessions at an amazingly low introductory rate.

Personal trainers are a fantastic addition to anyone's health and fitness regime. They take the thinking out of your training session. Provide ongoing motivation and direction, and continue to work with you well after your training session is over. Our personal trainers develop a relationship with each individual, offering guidance, programing, and nutritional advice and plans.



Step 4 - Summary

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