ISO BOD? We hear you!

There're so many of us in the same situation.

So the smart folks at One Health & Fitness have created a 4 week program JUST FOR YOU!

Our Mind / Body Reset Program features our 3 step approach.

1. Coach: Enjoy a 30 minute one on one session with your very own Fitness Coach.

2. Care: Enjoy accountability through regular contact with your Fitness Coach over the first 4 weeks to ensure you ease yourself back into regular exercise.

3. Connect: Your very own Fitness Coach will encourage and introduce you to new workouts, classes and fitness ideas to set you up for long term success.

Our Mind / Body Reset Program is included and complimentary with existing memberships. If you’re an existing member, you will receive an email one week prior, giving you the opportunity to book in for your 30 minute session.

Not a member? Now is the best time to join!

Register your interest today so you are ready to go when we re-open!

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We will contact you prior to our re-launch to finalise your paperwork and get you booked in for your first visit.

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