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Functional Training

Functional Training does what exactly what it says it does - it mirrors everyday actions like reaching, walking, carrying, lifting and bending so moving becomes that much easier.

It's all down to your body doing what it was meant to using seven primal moves - push, pull, bend, twist, move, lunge and squat. 

Our Group Functional Training Sessions run daily. Our expert and highly motivating instructors put you through your primal paces (pushing, pulling, bedning, twisting, moving, lunging and squatting) and get those muscles talking : TRX Suspension Trainer, Plyo Boxes, Battle Ropes, Sand Bags and Kettlebells.

Our sessions are ideal for everyone who want to learn to move better and feel more flexible. What's more, Group Functional Training is a great addition to any workout - make your body stronger, protect joints and prevent injuries.

Using equipment helps you burn more calories, balance better and cope with the physical demands of daily life. Improve posture and your natural range of movement so everyday feels a little more effortless.

Ready to re-shape and re-define your entire body? Click here to find out more about Group Functional Training Sessions


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